Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kampung Boy to Stanford [English Version]


I am a real ‘ Kampung Boy”. I came from a remote village in Kuala Kangsar district in Perak- Kampung Keroh Hilir.

Always considered myself as a 'Son of nature' and 'very rich in poverty'. My formal schooling was  only up to Form Three I (Clifford School Kuala Kangsar). But through hard work, coupled with a very strong commitment and determination I was able to set foot at the University of Malaya ( 1974 ) and came out with an Honors Degree in History., after crossing ‘various hurdles’ such as Cambrige School Certificate Examination and Higher School Certificate Examination. I did it by myself. Alone!

Twelve years later, I had the opportunity to further my studies at one of the prestigious university in USA – Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, to do my Masters in International Relations. It was at Stanford I was able to ‘rub shoulders’ with outstanding professors of world class such as Martin Carnoy, Ted Koppel ( Visiting professor) and many others.

It never crossed my mind, that a poor ‘ Kampung boy ‘ with a minimal formal education able to set foot at Stanford University - an Ivy League. Sometimes they called it, “ Harvard of the West ‘

At the insistence and encouragement of close friends and members of may family, which prompted and  compelled me to share my ‘bitter’ and ‘sweet’  experience with 'The children’' out there, through this Blog  to discuss some issues related to nation building , regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliations. And of course 'Without fear or favor'.

Against the background of past  experience of being a  teacher, administrator and educational planner and as former Director of the Malaysian Students Department in the United Kingdom, I want this Blog to be a platform for the young  ( executives, students, teachers, etc.) to discuss, debate and put forward their views and opinions towards nation building, Malaysia.

Last but not least, in addition to being an educator, I was also involved in writing articles in newspapers and magazines in the 80s and 90s. Among the books that I have penned were "Vision 2020" (1990), "Menebus Marwah  '(1994)' and “From Bryanston Square London '(2000).

I hope that this noble dreams  get the blessings of Allah.


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