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The Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said,
"For me, today is a very lucky day and indeed the most-awaited event. We are not apologetic or worried if the non-bumiputeras or even the international communities see this as something concerning only a certain group,
For us, what matters most is the bumiputera agenda and we truly respect the prime minister's firmness and courage," Bernama quoted Muhyiddin as saying after Najib Abdul Razak's major announcement at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Shah Alam. ( Malaysiakini, 14 September 2013)

It was really a day of soul searching for me. My old friend jokingly told me that the government existed in Malaysia today is somewhat like the one existed during the Malacca sultanate. Meaning a government run by the Malays, not the Malaysian government that used to be in a true sense of the word. His argument is based on the refusal of the MCA to join the government after the defeatt of many MCA candidates during the GE 13. Thus the elite Malays run the country. But he forgot to mention about the MIC (Indians) leaders who managed to scrape thorough during the GE 13 and have thus joined the government as ministers and deputy ministers.

The perception prevalent among the ‘rakyat’ today is that the government is run and monopolized by one race and now showing clearly in favor of the Malays. They feel that the non-Malays are marginalized, especially after GE-13. A day after the results of the GE 13 were announced, the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese were being accused of being the cause of the defeat of the Barisan Nasional candidate in areas where the Chinese form the majority of the electorate.

Race relations in Malaysia today look somewhat deteriorated. As a result of that situation prompted DS Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the opposition to call on the leaders of both UMNO (Barisan Nasional) and members of the opposition to have a dialog to iron out various problems In the interest of the people and country. But it seems that the leaders of Barisan Nasional (UMNO), have not responded positively to the proposal. Excuses and accusations were leveled solely to avoid such proposals becoming a reality. Part of the reasons being of their ‘clinging’ to the old mindset.

DS Anwar Ibrahim had proposed a discussion (dialogue) involving all leaders from the government and opposition to put their heads together and achieved something concrete about how to remedy the situation in the country today –a practice that normally occurs in countries where a democratic system is practiced. I personally feel that nature of dialogue and brainstorming should be held immediately.

Government can deny by saying that there are no racial animosities among the various races in Malaysia today but the perception of many Malaysians is that Malaysia is gradually moving towards destruction if it is not addressed immediately, especially in terms of race relations and religious tolerance besides serious criminal activity that is rampant. Thus the suggestions made by the leader of the opposition should be welcomed.

Developed countries, which practice a modern democracy in the true sense of the word, are supportive of the idea put forward by DS Anwar Ibrahim. Let us take the experience of Untied Kingdom. During the general election held on 6 May 2010, the Conservative party gained 307 seats while Labor gained 258 and the Liberal Democratic Party gained 57 seats. They need 326 seats to have a majority in parliament, with an atmosphere that has been around so-called ' Hung Parliament ' . It means to create an effective government and to govern effectively, the Conservative party should form a coalition government. Thus a need for the coalition of Conservative - Liberal Democrat.

David Cameron, who led the Conservative party, had initiated the formation of a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Although David Cameron will lead the government, but some cabinet positions were to be given to the members of the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg held the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Such a coalition is good for both parties and will always abide by the decision made together. Although there  bound to be misunderstandings and differences of opinion but a difference of opinion shaould be treated and resolve amicably.

The situation in Malaysia today is indeed somewhat in a state of restlessness with various negative developments taking place in the country. And this precarious situation is aggravated by the actions of irresponsible leaders who always made statements detrimental to the need and aspirations of certain group of Malaysians. It seems that they have no feeling of empathy towards others.

‘Tanda Putera’ a movie directed by one Suhaimi Baba, said to be the fiction biographical film about the life and time of Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail. The point of contention about this film is about a scene considered to be false depicting the situation during the 13 th May incident,
The movie has been getting wide enough coverage, unfortunately negatively. And has reached a level that was construed by the director as a sabotage towards the movie.

So at this point in time, ‘Tanda Putera’ which was premiered in a number of  cinema theatre through out the country did not go down well to a crowd when a large number of Malaysians seem to do not like what the government is doing. Based on that I'm making the assumption that anything that is done or anything to do with the government , will no go down well with the majority of the rakyat as for now.

Let's  ponder and contemplate the future of  our beloved country Malaysia .


16 Septemberi 2013

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